I went over to meet Payton for the first time this Wednesday and was very much looking forward to that, I couldn’t wait!! This little girl is a FIGHTER and has shown amazing STRENGTH in her little short life thus far. Her momma and I were expecting at the same time and we were keeping in contact. Payton has experienced so much since being born but she has such a great family and so many WONDERFUL memories to be made in the road ahead.


Payton Fay Forkenbrock was born shy of 26 weeks with her twin brother after all efforts had been made to keep them safe in the womb…here they came on March 4, 2014.

Her parents were blessed with two little souls from heaven. Payton and Luke weighing in over 1 pound each They were able to have and hold her brother Luke for a short time physically but he will be forever in their hearts ..as all the rest of ours.




“Because someone we LOVE is in HEAVEN, there is a little bit of HEAVEN in our HOME” <3

In Greek the meaning of the name Luke is: LIGHT GIVING

And that’s exactly what he did for his parents in his brief moment here! His sister will always have him shining his LIGHT on her!

Payton is sweet, beautiful, independent and has very much her own little personality showing through already.

She is going to keep her parents on their toes for sure ;). Mom said “She’s very much OUR child..definitely takes after us”.

She’s a blessing, here’s a peek into her world at the moment that her mom so graciously let me document! At this moment Payton is not quite ready to receive many visitors in order to keep her healthy and protected while building up her immune system.  She has come so far, and making strides every day!

I can’t wait until we can get her out in a gorgeous field for a shoot when she’s older! This beauty is going to be a FIRECRACKER 😀


How little she was when she was born, to think she is now weighing in at 10 pounds AMAZING! Momma is doing everything to keep her very very well fed :).

*Every month they measure her next to the Teddy Bear she got when she was first born to track her progress! She’s getting so big 🙂

Isn’t she a beauty? Little LOVE!

In the middle image- Brown frame, there is a red arrow that is pointing to a star. That star was dedicated to her brother 🙂 it was given to him by Jake & Kristy Allen.

“Her little HANDS stole my heart, her little FEET ran away with it”

2014-08-23_0001This saying fits her perfectly 😉



Payton Fay {Lifestyle Newborn Session}

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