Dreamy Desert Maternity*

We had planned this Maternity shoot for Brittany not knowing how much rain we would be getting in AZ these past two weeks! Unreal weather!!! On the way to this session all I could see was dark clouds threatening rain! So I kept praying for some sunlight.

Creating a life is beautiful, emotional, and magical to say the least! So I knew I did not want this DREARY rain weather to set the tone for this type of session! Well thank goodness about 15 minutes into the session the clouds broke enough to give us some DREAMY light! I hope you had a blast brittany because I definitely did!

Brittany is a photographer herself and she is fantastic! She is just about to wrap things up in her business to take some time off with her beautiful baby boy that is about to arrive! HOW EXCITING 🙂 Yaaaaaay!!!!!

Thank you for being such a delight to photograph! Enjoy your baby on your Maternity leave and can’t wait to see you in action again in Spring!!








Brittany {Chandler / Maternity}

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