Over the past few weeks I have been in contact with Madison the founder of Sundrop Society. She is wonderful, genuine. and driven in getting this organization off to an amazing start.

Sundrop is an organization that through the art of photography will capture the stories of some strong Arizona children who face serious illness.

Madison herself experienced an illness she had to overcome in the past and that is what motivated her to start Sundrop Society.

I couldn’t be more honored to be a part of Sundrop. I am absolutely humbled to share my passion for photography with her special venture.

I’ll post updates as they come… 🙂

Meet Madison! I believe everything happens for a reason, I am SO GLAD she found me! <3

You can find the website here : http://sundropsociety.org


And here’s are a few of Mia who is the very first photoshoot for Sundrop Society! There was a lot of CLOUDS 🙁 and a little dim this day but we made it work!

Mia has so much spunk, she made us laugh,..I made a new friend 🙂 ! We had fun!! Sorry Mia I don’t have any cool jokes up my sleeve :/ , I will be practicing my comedic routine I PROMISE… haha :).


2014-10-16_0039 copy


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Sundrop Society

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