Matt and Anna met in Tucson after he had returned from graduating at ASU! These two lovebirds have been dating a while and had never gotten professional pictures taken with one another. So it was the perfect excuse and Matt and I put this UNDERCOVER mission in action. We told her she would be doing a couples session with Matt at Mt.Lemmon and she never saw it coming. 🙂 And boy was Mt.Lemmon SO SO PERFECT  for this SUPER EXCITING occasion. Definitely a romantic backdrop right? For this moment she would never forget and a wonderful story to tell her loved ones of how it all went down 😉 ! Way to make a girl feel SO special right?

So came the morning of the shoot and I happen to check the weather forecast and there it was RAIN FORECAST with about 50% chance of rain! Noooooo I immediately thought!Why today!? And after speaking to them, they seemed so calm and collected and ready to forge ahead so I rolled with it! But as a photographer, I hear the word RAIN and I immediately want to reschedule. BUT on this REALLY significantly planned day I knew that if we rescheduled these two would not be engaged for weeks to come! So with my sweet assistant for the day, my beautiful friend regina! We grabbed our coffee and set out for our trip saying prayers for some sunshine!

And let me tell you guys just driving up to the mountain we saw dark dark clouds from miles away..the storm was just rolling in! Yiikes!I knew that this was going to be all up to mother nature. So lets just say that it stormed, rained, HAILED like crazy as you can see in this behind the video 🙂 hahaha! We waited out just the right moment to get out and shoot a little bit and then finally the moment matt had anxiously been waiting for all day THE RING BOX CAME OUT!!! AHHHHHH!!! It was so amazing to get to watch these two embark on this new adventure together! I am so excited and honored i got to be there! To document this surprise proposal even with what little light mother nature let us have! We are grateful thats for sure! 🙂


















Here I leave you with two behind the scenes video of our day! haha 🙂 It was such an adventure!





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Matt & Anna {Tucson Proposal}

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