Hope everyone is gearing up for the wonderful HOLIDAYS 🙂 this is really my FAVORITE time of year!! Even though I don’t blog much during busy season because I focus on editing like a maniac haha. I wanted to do a quick blog post to keep my long time clients and new ones in the loop ;). I can’t tell you guys enough how SWEET it is seeing your beautiful faces every year. I knew I wanted to take less appointments this year but it just didn’t turn out that way. That lead me to the realization that to keep myself easily accessible to everyone on my books, I need to take less portrait appointments during FALL. So therefore, in 2016 I will only be booking through the first week in OCTOBER( portrait bookings close as of october 10, 2016). As most of you know our Wedding Season in Arizona is October – December. And as my Wedding bookings have grown it takes up calendar time way in Advance. I really wish I had time to do it all but my little guy at home sure has missed me during this hectic Fall 2015 and this is me prepping for a more “balanced” 2016.

So I wanted to get the word out now, and if you decide you want me to do your FALL 2016 portraits you have plenty of time to get in touch with me before then! Yaaay!

I LOVE MY CLIENTS….you guys are simply THE BEST!!! Thank you for cheering me on the way that you all have by referrals and kind words. Please know that I notice when you tag me in awesome posts, send family and friends as referrals and your sweet emails!! I thank you from the BOTTOM OF MY HEART.


(No portrait bookings from October 10- January 1st 2017)



Meet the sweet Broderick Family (Fall Session 2015) long time clients 🙂 Thank you for trusting me and meeting me 1 hour away in the middle of nowhere at this absolutely GORGEOUS location for a SUNRISE shoot at 7:00am! They rock!!


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