Over the past few weeks I have been getting emails with questions regarding my Instagram posts that say #film under certain images. Brides and clients want to know what that means, is it going to cost them extra and how they are delivered? All very valid questions! 🙂

So I wanted to do a quick blog post about it and how it pertains to me and the direction I am wanting to take in 2016. 🙂 Which is, being a Hybrid Wedding Photographer.  Spring weddings I will be shooting hybrid (film + digital). In my mind that is the best of both worlds.Why you may ask? Because I can provide the soft dreaminess of the film look as well as the dynamic range and reliability of digital. As I transition into shooting more film through spring of 2016, my wedding package prices will not be affected. There will be no extra cost to the client, packages will remain the same.

So first things first…as an artist we are continuously inspired and growing. Always feel free to ask me any questions.I am just happy to grow my brand into what I always envisioned it would be. Greateful for all the wonderful clients, peers and friends who are always 100% encouraging.

Hybrid Shooter

As of now I am a Hybrid shooter (Wedding Photographer). Whether I am at an Engagement, Anniversary Session, or Wedding. I have my trusty camera strap on with my Digital camera on my right and Film camera on my left. 🙂 And throughout the  session or wedding day I shoot both cameras.

 Why do you shoot both

I absolutely love both formats, each has wonderful qualities. I picked my first film camera December 2014. And slowly have fallen more and more in love with the dreaminess, softness, and tones of film.Film has the ability to deliver the feel I want my images to have through the soft tones and way it handles light. And Digital has it’s strengths and dynamic range that I can also not do without. Shooting both formats this year of 2015 has really made me happy as an artist.

Processing Times

For Engagement sessions turn around time is 2 weeks and both Film + Digital Images are delivered via an online pass gallery. For weddings sending off film to the lab to be processed does not extend my original editing time. Rolls are overnighted the day after wedding to the lab and they begin getting processed and I get them back about a week later in digital format. From there I begin creating a clients gallery and blend both.

Here I leave you with some Film Images of 2015 :).










Florals: Sarahs Garden, Makeup: Makeup by Destiny Mentor Sess: Daniel Kim Photo





2015-12-19_0025Jen + scott film-62015-12-19_0024











Florals: Sarahs Garden, Makeup: Makeup by Destiny, Hair: Hair by Emily Hughes

















For my photog readers 90% of these were shot with Mamiya 645AF 80mm 2.8


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Film vs Digital ( Hybrid Wedding Photographer)

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