I wanted to blog some shots of an impromptu little shoot I did over at Sarah’s Garden. 🙂 Let me tell you..seeing your creative friends working their magic is SO FUN! So I am grateful for my sweet friend sarah styling some florals and shots. Some of these images are featured in my new wedding guide  🙂 for 2016. These prints were soon after shipped off to my client and roll off to the lab.

Florals: Sarahs Garden

Ribbon: Frou Frou Chic

Linen Box Recommendation: Blanche Prints

Camera shot on: Mamiya 645AF 80mm 2.8

Fuji 400H /Photovision Lab/ Metered at 100

Note: This was a semi-indoor shoot! And for the girl THAT WILL NOT be winning any “Steadiest Hands in the biz” awards any time soon. Not having any come back blurry, is a miracle… to say the least haha. I had to hold my breath to shoot at 1/40-1/60th shutter speed.

And friends my purpose for blogging more than just sessions this year is because I have ALWAYS read so many blog posts out there since the 1st year I started in photography. And if anything I post this year give’s even a tiny bit of insight to another photographer wherever they may be in their career ..then I am happy with that. 🙂


Pic credit: Sarah 🙂 she’s a rockstar!



Behind the Scenes (For Photographers)

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