As alot of you saw my post on my Facebook Business page and Instagram we lost my mother in law Monday February 29, 2016. It’s been a tragic and sudden loss we didn’t see it coming. She thought she had a bad cough/ Flu that started a few days before she was admitted to Banner Hospital on Friday evening on the 26th. So this was just a few days of a quick health decline. The deterioration of her health happened so unbelievably fast it really felt like in the blink of an eye and it left us with a million questions. Doctors could not find what type of infection she had. And I know losing a love one so suddenly is traumatic enough and to add on not knowing what happened makes it that much worse.I still wait in hope to find out more of what happened and who knows if that will happen.

So because of her passing many appointments and shoots on my schedule for MARCH 2016 have been moved in order to spend more time with my family and tending to all that comes after losing a loved one.Her funeral was this past Saturday and it will go down as one of the longest days of my life after having to head to a Wedding straight from the funeral. I just prayed to God to keep my head on straight to perform my duties that day. I did have a little angel named jessica there to help me though and a strong shooter beside me helped relieve some of the weight I felt that day. And the overwhelming support the family received that morning and in the days prior helped my heart for sure.

I wanted to blog about Arlene Denise Blalock the mother of my husband and this sad event that just happened in my life because I want to make sure those who follow me understand why my business will be a bit quiet for some time. I want to give myself time to mourn, be with family and evaluate proper balance without having an overwhelming schedule to tend to.

So I thank everyone who was been patient with me in regards to waiting for email responses and rescheduled shoots. I thank you for your understanding that sometimes life happens and I am taking some time to tend to my loved ones. This has been an incredible life halting, eye opening reminder of how fragile life is. We never know how much time we really have left so value your family and friends and love on them every chance you get.

Tristan’s mom Arlene was healthy, active and so loving to all of her family. She was 53 years old and had grown up in Tucson and moved up to the Valley with her husband chuck when Tristan was a baby. She was a doting grandma of three rambunctious boys ages 5, 3, 1. And boy will she be missed so dearly! There was so much more they needed to learn from grandma and so many games and life events she wont be there for but she will be watching from heaven. She loved those 3 boys more than anything. Below are a few pictures of our last family trip together to Colorado that she organized. I will hold these close to my heart and can’t wait to show Shea how much fun he had with grandma when he was 1 yr old road tripping it around Colorado. She loved family time, planning trips, and loving on her family. And I hope she knows up in Heaven that we will make her SO SO proud and tell them so many fun stories of her when they grow up. They really did have the best grandma they could have. <3



“Grandma’s hold our tiny hands for a little while, but our hearts forever”






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“Remember When”……In honor of Shea’s Grandma

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