2 Weeks ago I had the pleasure of documenting a wedding up in Pinetop, AZ. I was so so grateful to have the company of Jessica Q Photography who took these beautiful shots of me on the way back down to the valley.

We are so anxious and excited to meet Sadie D Blalock! Heart eyes! Counting down the Days for this baby girl! She’s been kicking a lot more these days ( still not half as much as her brother did) haha. But it’s awesome that I get to do what I love and have them along for the ride with me. She’s growing great in the oven 😉 and we are in month 5!!

With Shea, my now 2 year old we photographed weddings up through 37 weeks of pregnancy and besides tipping over for those really low shots all was great! He was SOOO comfortable to say the least that we made it a few days past 40 weeks. He was not causing any commotion or contractions at all ! 🙂 I am sure Sadie will work out the same and we will get to spend our 1st christmas with both kiddos.



Gear Used: Mamiya 645AF + 80 2.8

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Traveling for a Wedding up North, and Baby Bump !

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