Ahhhh you guys I am super excited to Introduce to you this sweet face that you will be seeing a lot of this year. Savanna is joining LDP as one of my consistent team members/2nd shooter for 2017. We have such a wonderful dynamic and she has become my right hand girl. So I wanted to formally introduce her ! When she’s not shooting her own weddings for her own business she will be joining me on a high portion of my weddings. I highly support the growth of her own business and am just incredibly grateful that she’s willing to share her talents and also grow with me. Savanna has been shooting weddings for years now and is newly married. And as LDP has rapidly grown and evolved in the past year it was time for a consistent talent + friend that can move and keep up like I do. And boy can she ! She is just such a joy to work with and am excited for many of my wonderful couples to meet her on wedding day.


Here are a few fun questions that I asked her to share:

What age did you start shooting weddings and what is one of the funniest moments you have had on a wedding day?

I started shooting weddings part time when I was 16 & went full time when I was 19. Thankfully I’ve avoided any embarrassing moments thus far but at one wedding the bride & groom pulled me out on the dance floor & wouldn’t take no for an answer! What’s a girl to do? Dance it out!

Is it true that photographers only do it “for the cake” as seen on t-shirts nationwide haha?:

Haha…I’d say that’s about right. Plus about 100 other reasons!

What is your favorite part of a wedding day for you?

The first look, if they decide to do one. It’s so full of emotion, not always tears, but so much excitement & relief once they see their person. Or during vows. I love hearing the different ways people express their love & commitment, & sometimes silly things about their relationship in their vows. I’m not super emotional on a wedding day, but those get me every time!

What is your favorite type of wedding day dessert?

Gelato or macaroons!

Behind the scenes what does an AMAZING day or week off look like in savanna world?

A few days traveling with my hubby, out of state or in our own backyard, followed by a day of staying in pj’s watching our favorite shows. #introvert





Meet my new team member Savanna!

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